Monday, January 29, 2007

Holocaust Education and Avoidance Pod

Holocaust Education and Avoidance Pod
HEAP is an acronym for a "Holocaust Education and Avoidance Pod", a concept created by author Neal Stephenson in his book Cryptonomicon. The HEAP is basically an instruction manual on guerilla warfare, designed to be distributed among peoples at risk of becoming the victims of genocide or ethnic cleansing.
Sadly the fictional HEAP only mentions a HEAP Gun, described as a looking like a pipe with a banana clip and a bolted together stock. People at rick of genocide need some serious weaponry. Like a flamethrower. Behold!
If the concept of heading on down to the local Home Depot and transforming $100 worth of random pipe bits into a killing machine doesn't appeal to you, you're a goddamn pansy. Also, you're probably sane and will live significantly longer than I will.
Includes bill of material, pictures and basic assembly instructions.

Target, bunker, 20 meters to your direct front ..

Via Tom who is actually a nice guy and in no way responsible for my flight o' fancy.

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