Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I hate Illinois Nazis

tjic posted so

Only Jews like copyright!
Cory links, approvingly, to a bunch of buttons that protest current copyright laws with a hip, fun, communist theme :

Anti-DRM badges

To which 'Pug' replied

I just wanted to tell you you’re an idiot. Learn the difference between a communist and a Nazi. Better yet read Karl Marx’s seminal work Manifest der kommunistischen Partei (Communist Manifesto). Here I’ll even give you a link ~ Communism is about equality. Go be less ignorant.

And BTW Hitler was actually opposed to communism. It’s a common misconception that Nazi’s were communists- they weren’t. Nazi’s were fascists. Here’s another link in the hopes of educating you.

Read this shit and go issue an apology.

To which I have to reply like so:

I chuckled and thought unkind thoughts about people who don't appreciate history - do I need to mutter a heartfelt "sorry 'bout that"?

And if so .. to whom? HIpsters? Unreconstructed Stalinists? Illinois Nazis? I hate Illinois Nazis, by the way. Not that you asked, or that you get the reference, I'm just saying.
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