Monday, March 01, 2010

Facts are not optional

I have got to get over this 'I want people to like me' thing.

Oh, sure: I want my wife to like me.  My family.  Friends and relations. Co-workers.

A complete stranger reads something I wrote, deletes my comment, replies that I'm wrong, closes the thread?  Man, the heck with her.

Despite who she claims to know, her snotty patriotism and her lack of reading comprehension, she's still wrong.

Without getting wrapped around the axle of detail, generals don't know everything, what they know is usually wrong, surprise happens all the time.  That's what war is.  For further clarification on the subject I direct your attention to James Dunnigan's very excellent 'How To Make War'.

Getting all snotty-patriotic the facts of a situation means the surprise - which will happen - is magnified and you spend a lot of time running around in circles.  Which is entertaining but hardly productive.

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