Tuesday, April 23, 2013

M1 Garand

I do not, not, not, like firearms for their own sake. They're tools, is all. Tools with a singular purpose, granted. But: tools.

 But I got to hold an M1 Garand last weekend, ran through the manual of arms ... 

  • That is a well-made, solid, machine, brother. 
  • I want one. 
  • The difference between my M16 (7 pounds unloaded) and an M1 ( 9 1/2 pounds unloaded ) was surprising. As in 'whoa, that sucker is heavy'. 
  • I get the Baby Boom, now. 

After lugging an M1 all over the damned world, over beaches, up the hilly willies and down the hilly willies ... GI Joe was a buff mother-f*cker.

Mary Jane from back on the block just couldn't help herself.

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