Saturday, April 15, 2006

Michael Laine - The Space Show 4/14/06

Michael Laine was on Dr. Livingston's The Space Show on Apriil 14, 2006.

Michael Laine, CEO of LiftPort, returned as the guest for this special show. LiftPort specializes in working toward developing the space elevator concept. I urge you all to just sit back and listen to Michael. He is transformed on this program, its the best Michael Laine interview ever on The Space Show. We learn about LiftPort and its technology, the ribbons, the manufacturing process, all sorts of issues about the elevator and even tethers. Michael is frank, open, and full of interesting and revealing information. Also, he is stepping down from the CEO position and beginning a search for a new CEO. Interested parties should contact him. This is a rare and important show and you need to hear what Michael Laine has to say. Contact him at or through me at

I am - of course - biased but the show and interview was well done.

Direct audio link here (MP3 format).

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