Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Liftport web site is down

Liftport's web content was shifted last week to a colocated server. Just in time for a huge rain and wind storm to tear across town and kill the data center.
While it looks like the wind is going to be the top story with the storm, it's also bringing heavy rains once again. This system has once again tapped into some warmer, tropical air, meaning not only will we have to deal with a lot of rain -- as much as 1-3 inches in the lowlands and 2-5 inches in the mountains within 12-18 hours -- but high snow levels up around 6,000 feet. That will allow the rain to just runoff into the rivers instead of sticking to the hillsides as snow.
We're talking real wrath of God type stuff..

When man makes plans, God says 'hah'.

Update - 22:18 - Web back up , DB server is still inop so no blog or other goodies
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