Thursday, November 30, 2006

Taking 'business casual' too far

I am not a prude, nor a libertine. I'm just a guy. I do like my comfort. But really - I think Dov Charney has taken the idea of 'Corporate Casual' just a bit far

Dov Charney, American Apparel

Dear Mother of God, man. Put on a shirt. Please. Oh and while you're getting dressed ...

Charney was described as engaging in oral sex with a female employee and masturbating in front of the reporter. Charney doesn't deny taking part in any of the activities described in the article. He says he befriended the writer over the course of the two months it took her to research the piece. "I've never done anything sexual that wasn't consensual," Charney says. The reporter, Claudine Ko, confirmed his take on events to BusinessWeek.

stop boffing your employees. Not very enlightened, you know, all that exploitive objectifying stuff.

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