Friday, August 22, 2008

Episcopal Suicide Bombers

Noah explains how we know that the recent bombings in Pakistan were not the work of Episcopalians.

No way it’s Piskies - they actually got something done. There wouldn’t
have been bombings, just Exploratory Commissions on Suicide Bomb
Planning, with sub-committees on Vests, Explosives, Nails and Other
Fasteners (’screw’ is heteronormative), Enhancing the Experience (rat
poison, etc.), Integration of Suicide Bombing into the Millennium
Development Goals. Then there’s the indaba groups, where all
present will talk about how the Commission affects them, how they feel
about the difference between various different targets and methods, and
all will engage in active listening, as we learn to ‘live into the
Suicide Bombing’ together with the creative tensions of how we see
Suicide Bombing differently, but are part of the same Murderous Drive.

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