Thursday, August 28, 2008

Madame Vice President

I'm not as clever, but I decided to use Google to see who popped up the most. I figure a Wisdom of Crowds approach might provide some clues. I found currently these numbers:

"John McCain" Romney - 4.3 Million web hits, 12,100 News hits, 101,000 Image hits, and 198,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Huckabee - 3.2 Million web hits, 1,157 News hits, 79,000 Image hits, and 127,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Thompson - 2.5 Million web hits, 1,500 News hits, 82,000 Image hits, and 76,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Giuliani - 2.8 Million web hits, 3,300 News hits, 74,000 Image hits, and 124,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Lieberman - 1.8 Million web hits, 8,300 News hits, 41,000 Image hits, and 43,000 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Hutchison - 0.5 Million web hits, 490 News hits, 17,000 Image hits, and 4,400 Blog hits.
"John McCain" Pawlenty - 0.4 Million web hits, 10,100 News hits, 11,000 Image hits, and 3,400 Blog hits.

Playing along we have ...

"John McCain" Rice - 3.2 million web hits, 5,430 News Hits, 202,000 Image hits, 33,213 Blog hits.
"john McCain" Powell - 1.6 million web hits, 758 News Hits, 90,400 Image hits, 15,592 Blog hits.

By this measure Ms. Rice is as likely a candidate as Mr. Huckabee, Colin Powell comes in ahead of some other contenders.

Condoleezza Rice by you.

Madame Vice President. Has a bit o' a ring to it.
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