Thursday, April 08, 2010

Amateur Hour

Megan McArdle: The Horror, the horror

I'm still not quite sure what to say about the now infamous video of pilots in Iraq shooting down a group of people, two Reuters cameramen among them.

Mostly what I think at this point is that the video is considerably more ambiguous than the editorializing from Wikileaks suggests.

Well what I think ... wait, this is obligatory:

Never stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man.

Okay.  What I think is that the production of the video is clumsy.  It reinforces existing prejudices and assumptions and doesn't do anything to get someone from the wrong [1] side to re-consider their their point of view.

The KGB would have done a better job at agitprop, frankly.   Maybe next time they can do better.

[1] You know - the baby-killing pro-war machine side.

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