Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welfare Check - in which the police agree with me about my daughter's ex

What did I do today?  Many, many things.  One of the things was to stand on my porch and say this to a police officer making a welfare check:

Well, the story is true, in the bare outlines, but the details not right, spun to the worst possible assumption and .. hey did you say the anonymous caller was male?  My daughter has an ex-boyfriend ...

And we were off to the races.  I don't really know but I think the POLICE take a dim view of being used as tools by dim-witted Lotharios.  Just a guess.

So, BWUTDMD [1].  If you're trying [2] to enact some kind of drugged-up movie-of-the week revenge fanasty where you get the girl and everyone loves you, stop.  You are embarrassing yourself. 

What comes around goes around and it comes back with more kinetic energy than your small-town, special-needs, short-bus riding, teeny-tiny brain housing group can appreciate.

You just don't know.

[1] Boy Who Used To Date My Daughter.
[2] Proof?  Ain't got none.  Don't need it.  We can assume a Mysterious Stranger with unknown motives, or we can go ahead and blame an infantile, manipulative, whiny, no job holding, living with his mommy and daddy, jack wagon ex-boyfriend.

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