Monday, August 09, 2010

Who approved this ship and just who the hell designed it?

I got up for a minute, came back, and saw that a second level had been added to the capsule. I asked if it was an attic, but was told that it was a bathroom (Wyatt is apparently more into the hard-SF aspects of fiction than, say, all the 12,000 people associated with Star Trek…).


I don't care if the ship's high tech.
I don't care if it has a holodeck.
I don't care if there's life support.
Okay I guess I need the life support.
But anything beyond that, I don't care,
As long as there's a place somewhere a man can go.

How we've tried to find it!
Tore apart the bridge and looked behind it.
Who approved this ship and just who the hell designed it?
We'll have to have a word with them when we get home.

'Comforts of Home' - Bob Kanefsky
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