Monday, January 10, 2011

tab clearing What the Hell is it?  Tell us, Zed. is a service I'm working on that will let websites setup authentication quickly and securely, but still own their users, unlike with OpenID or OAuth. In fact, when you use your users will probably never know it's being used. You can read more about it. You can read getting started to see how to use it.

Books you should download against a rainy day.  Oh and you should also print them out because when the stuff does hit the fan you might not have a working computer.  I'm not sure why the MOUT handbook is there: is anyone going to find themselves leading a brigade in urban combat without actually being in the Army and studying this stuff? 

Little girl got a ticket for jay-walking.  No, wait: her mother got the ticket because the girl was in the hospital because she got hit by a truck while she was jay-walking.  Good one, officer: can't let the scoff law get away with shenanigans just because she's like, dying.

Restoring the Social Order:
Twenty momentous years of conservative policy success in cities.

Getting Darnell Off the Corners: An America On the Rise Will Ride the Anti-Drug-War Wave
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