Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tab Clearing

Miss the bad old days of green terminal screens, with flicker, running over dialup? Me neither. But I do like glterminal.

GLTerminal emulates a 1970′s terminal monitor, complete with flaws in brightness,
warped display curvature, and flicker. It even simulates baud rate lag. And! for extra verisimilitude, the character colors can be green or amber.

How Can IQ Be Heritable for Rich Kids and Not for Poor Kids?
It's hard to raise a child's IQ. It's easy to lower it.

Abstruse Goose: Neural Implant. I still want a Brain Pal.

Columbus by Joaquin Miller. Hit the link for the rest.

Behind him lay the gray Azores,
Behind, the Gates of Hercules;
Before him not the ghost of shores;
Before him only shoreless seas.
The good mate said: “Now must we pray,
For lo! the very stars are gone.
Brave Adm’r’l, speak: what shall I say?”
“Why say: ‘Sail on! sail on! and on!’”
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