Friday, December 29, 2006

George Budabin - a memorial

George Budabin - a memorial.
My Dad has left an impression on me that will stay with me until the day that I die. He taught me what being a man was really about. He was the ultimate stand-up guy who you could trust to do anything he said he would do. He was loving, caring, and affectionate towards his children. He was a provider in every sense of the word. There were days when he would leave for work at 6:30 AM and not get home until 9:00 PM, exhausted. Still, he would eat his dinner, and spend whatever time he had left with his children and wife until he went to bed, rarely just getting time to himself.
George Budabin sounds as if he were what we should all aspire to be. Be a stand-up guy, take care of your family, do what needs to be done.

Would that we could live up to his example. Requiescat in pace.
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