Thursday, December 07, 2006

Month by Month

Post the first line of your first post for every month of 2006, excluding birthday greeting posts and image/video posts.

January - '60 Minutes' - The New Space Race, Sunday, January 1, 2006.
February - Liftport sure is doing a lot of research, considering we're, you know, a PowerPoint company.
March - Too bad Frank already a) leaped on the idea and b) got Hugh MacLeod to say "go ahead and use it. no worries".
April - From TJIC
May - Via Paul Kedrosky
June - I'm watching this show on Discovery: The Rise of Man
July -This is really good. New Star Trek 'Old Show' episodes, and quite well done.
August - I'm not sure where Harell is going with this.
September - New Spaceship, Same Old Rocks
October -  I do get the oddest mail. But I'm not posting it on advice from my better-half. "Be kind" she
November - From a Jane Galt poster
December - Dean's right

Not bad for a crapblog.

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