Friday, December 08, 2006

Sitting at mom's house, eating pizza.

Analogy can be a pretty good tool.
I have to admit I've never had a lot of patience with the solve-our-problems-here-on-earth argument. To me that's like being a slacker who sits around all day at his mom's place watching Oprah, checking DIGG 20 times a day and generally contributing nothing. Should he get off his ass, go look for work and try to make something of his life? Or should he solve his problems at home first? Well, if the kid started making himself useful, started paying rent, maybe even moved out, he wouldn't have quite as many problems at home, would he?

I guess that sounds pretty simplistic, but it's a pretty simple situation that we find ourselves in. We can't stay at mom's forever waiting for the next killer asteroid or supervolcano or man-made catastrophe to wipe us out. We won't solve our problems sitting around here talking about how we should really get around to solving our problems someday. Here's a chance to do something solid and practical, something that has a proven track record for generating wealth and creating vast numbers of jobs for skilled workers. What need is there for nuance?

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