Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Action Park

TJIC points to a Wikipedia article on Action Park. It reads like a really good article from National Lampoon, or a director's cut of Caddy Shack.

A state investigation of improprieties in the leasing of state land to the resort led to a 110-count grand jury indictment against the nine related companies that ran the resort and their executives for operating an unauthorized insurance company.

... the director of the emergency room at a nearby hospital said they treated from five to ten victims of park accidents on some of the busiest days, and the park eventually bought the township of Vernon extra ambulances to keep up with the volume.

... after the park management briefly set up a microbrewery nearby, employees looking for after-hours fun would break into it, steal the beer, and then ride the cars on Route 94.

Employees at the park used to like eating at a nearby snack bar with a good view of the attraction, since it was almost guaranteed that they could see some serious injuries, lost bikini tops, or both.

Those who made it to the bottom found their progress arrested by water, which made a large splash, and then a small pool. The speed at which riders met the end resulted in many getting wedgies and enemas from the experience. Employees kept fishnets for scooping out the occasional nugget of excrement or tampon.

Some [staff] deserted their assigned posts to drink or smoke marijuana with coworkers for a while, then returned to work under the influence of those substances.
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