Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weapons of Mass Creation

This seemed very appropriate given the krep that is happening with LiftPort. Funny how things like this just trip into your life when you need them. From Kelly Tsai's June update ..

Weapons of Mass Creation
by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

what if we had
of mass creation?

in underground

dug out in nooks
and crannies

secretly across
the globe

we could get
some of those
MIT scientists

to tinker away at

building us some
nuclear reactors

on the sly

designed to indiscriminately
birth, capacitate, and heal



with just one click
of a red button:

juicy slugs sliding down
stop signs

green velvety grass
creeping from between
crumbled sidewalks

loaves of braided bread
materializing in mailboxes

a song bubbling in every throat
an absence filled in every hand

clothes ballooning
buttons popping

a woman swinging
her round beautiful hips

smiling unafraid as the sweat
rolls off her nose

weapons of mass creation

to explode babies onto
every street corner

huge blinking eyes
curious chubby fingers

crawling over car hoods and
through cracked windows

crying, cooing, gurgling

weapons of mass creation

to dissolve on contact the welling
ache within each human heart

to lift lightly the burden carried
with both hands over head

to erase all shadows
ever burned into the ground

weapons of mass creation

plant daisies in every gun

make each bullet birdseed

let the flocks carry away
our knives within their claws

let them trap our screaming
between their beaks

and as they fly

usher us into a new age of
joy and laughter

hair, nails, teeth, skin,
bones growing at a
luscious, rapid pace

as we wiggle our
toes deeper and deeper
into moist, crystal-black
fertile ground

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