Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I have too many text editors

Too many text editors? I know - it's like Hugh Hefner saying 'Wow - I've got way too many blonds around here.'

Hugh Hefner and his Girls Next Door @ Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles by luv to travel.

But it's true. For a long time I used TextWrangler. Then I tried TextMate. And I like it just fine.[1]

Today I wanted to excise some bits from the first five characters of each line of a file with several thousand lines.

cut -c5-80 foo

Yes, like that. I learned how to do this in TextMate easily enough (Text - Filter Through Command - shove in the cut command and hey presto).

That was last week. Today I was utterly frustrated because I couldn't find that option in TextWrangler. Where in the heck was it? After a long minute of wondering if somehow the menu hadn't morphed on me ... the truth hit. Duh - wrong editor.

Eye Roll by you.

Time to trim things back a bit. Now, which blond do I get rid of?

[1] Yes, I've also got emacs running and it seems like a fine choice buy oh wow the learning curve.
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