Monday, May 10, 2010

Air Mobile

Tam on Operation Niwi, where the Germans went inventive with infantry and spotter planes ...
They rounded up almost every Fieseler Storch in the Luftwaffe and put them in a scratch squadron to train for the mission: 100 tiny planes delivering roughly 300 troops laden with antitank rifles to delay armored reinforcements, in two lifts, landing and taking off again from fields and country lanes. It would require precise timing and coordination. And they pulled it off, too.

'And what did you do in the war, Grand-papa?'

'Well little Hans, let me tell you about the time me and some other guys were stuffed into these little bitty airplanes and invented 'Air Mobile' Infantry ..'

Right up to the time Hitler went insane and invaded Russia, it must have been pretty cool to be in the Germany Army.

After that, of course, it was all cold and misery and Stalingrad and Kursk and Russians underfoot and so probably not as much fun.

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