Friday, May 14, 2010

Pan-Am Railways

Look. Double-take.   It's a boxcar.  This one is dressed up in Pan-Am blue with the Pan-Am logo big as day on the side.  Parked on a siding in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Pan-Am Rail boxcar, from
Not the boxcar I saw. Pic from here.

Pan-Am has been out of business since 1991.

And they .. had a railroad?  Vertical integration used to be the thing. Why not?  My imagination played a scene;

Her and her kin were sold to another carrier, repainted as a matter of course.  She never found her way to a paint shop  Lost in the shuffle.  Nineteen years pass as the last Pan-Am liveried boxcar rolls and rattles around the United States.  Guys in yards everywhere keep an eye out for her.  When Pan Am rolls around it's a nice break in routine, something you tell your wife about after your shift is over.

The truth is not as exciting, I learned.  A railroad company bought the naming rights to Pan-Am four years ago, is all.

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