Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mission Miracle Mile Trilogy

 I am no kind of appreciator of the fine arts.  I drink beer now and again and think 'Hee-Haw' was and is pretty darn funny.  So I sure am not the target audience for an art book with a run of 12 and that sells for more than I paid for my fourth or fifth-hand used car.

The Mission Miracle Mile Trilogy
is a solo effort in which Dana F. Smith’s digitally enhanced
photography takes center stage. The large version of the trilogy
features thirty-two-inch page spreads that are printed full-bleed with
saturated images of sidewalks, bus transfers, crushed pills, street
vendors, tattoos, transients, and schoolchildren. The effect is
dramatic, each page turn evoking the atmosphere of San Franciso's
Mission street.


Also, I've never been to Mission Street. 

For all that, the pictures are very good and Max Valerio's scrawled poetry on them works real well. 

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