Monday, April 18, 2011

Tab Clearing

Nancy Pelosi: 'Elections shouldn't matter'.

Congress: Online poker for me not for thee.

John 'Autodesk' Walker
Most libertarians and conservatives have great respect for the rule of law and civil discourse. They're inclined to assume their opponents are well-intentioned adversaries with a different vision of how to better the general welfare. This is an error: they are not “liberals” or “progressives”, as they call themselves, but rather enemies of liberty and progress. Enemies explores why champions of liberty must defeat them and how that might be accomplished.

I don't see a contradiction here: Bee Stung

This is the theory that endemic poverty comes about because people are laboring under so many other crushing, egregious burdens, that they can't handle one more thing.  Say, they're discriminated against and illiterate and not allowed to own land.  Even the most trivial of bad luck will make them desperately poor.

This of course is in complete contradiction to Thomas Sowell theory that the way to avoid poverty is to finish highschool, get married and stay married.


Obama's political speech made the issues very clear. According to Obama, Americans are entitled to health care, pensions, unemployment compensation, negative income taxes, and permanent civil service jobs. It is up to us to provide the wherewithal to pay for this. We do not have spending problems, we have income problems, and the solution is to raise taxes on the rich until all the entitlements are paid for.  This is a brutal summary of Obama's speech, but if you boil down what he said, that's pretty well it.

Soy tejano

They also noticed a Hispanic family with three girls ages 8 to 12. The father, a CPA with a Wharton degree, photographed his family in front of the limestone walls of the chapel and told them briefly about the Alamo, telling the girls that “it stood for courage and integrity, virtues they needed to cultivate in their own lives.”

At that point, the Anglo graduate student arrived at the chapel door. He asked, “Why are you even here today? Don’t you know what this place stands for? It represents the rape and destruction of your people.”

The Hispanic man replied politely at first, but the graduate student was persisten

“You don’t understand, you just don’t understand,” he continued. “You shouldn’t be teaching your kids this stuff.”

…at which point the CPA replied with understandable irritation:

Soy tejano (I’m a Texan]. Mind your own goddamned business. It’s my Alamo too.

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