Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Play Along With This

A long time ago some raggedy-ass terrorists stepped out of the fourth dimension turned passenger jets into ad-hoc cruise missiles and killed a whole lot of people. It was so damned improbable it was like living in the back pages of a Tom Clancy novel.

Because, I think, of that improbability, a lot of people got their backs up and decided on the flimsiest of evidence that there was more to it.  And they invented all kinds of alternate explanations like alien death rays [1] melting the targets, or the Jews [1], or a government conspiracy that plotted to detonate the building and flew remote-controlled jet airplanes into the targets to cover up the controlled demo [2] and all kinds of foolishness and hooraw.

These people are so weird and clearly addle-pated and yet so very, very, dedicated that ten years later we all steer clear of them and their ideas, as if they were the weird guy downtown shouting at monsters.

I swear, if George Bush stood up in court and said 'Yeah, I planned the whole dad-gum thing.' and he had documentation and a probe of Gray Aliens in the courthouse to back him up all right-thinking people would nod knowingly and say 'Yeah, right.  Isn't 'Dancing With the Stars' on tonight?'

President Obama released his actual birth certificate today.  And sure as Grey Aliens have a fondness for pointy things, people have pounced on the thing, alleging all kinds of irregularities and muttering 'cover up' and generally turning into the monster shouting guy downtown.

It's a master stroke.  All right-thinking people are steering clear - even more than they used to - of those guys and their funny ideas.  Give the cultural soup a few weeks to simmer and if the public is presented with incontrovertible evidence of funny business surrounding the man's birth, all right-thinking people are going to say 'Yeah, right.  Isn't 'Dancing With the Stars' on tonight?'

Not - I need to add - that there is actually more to Barack Obama than what we see.  It's just funny (funny ha-ha) how these things can work.

[1] No, I am not kidding.
[2] And how much of this is the work of Operation MF, I wonder.

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