Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad-Ass Soldiery

Why is the West going to win**? Because more of our soldiers are like this, than not.
"The first time you get blown up by an IED, you're like, Dude, this is badass! but after that you're like, This really is not cool at all anymore. But riding out there, getting shot at, shooting back -- that doesn't get old."
It's more than just having bad-ass soldiers. Alison didn't get that attitude from the Army - she carried it there from the civilian world. The Army merely honed it to a fine edge and gave it direction.

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*if you subscribe to the idea that there is a conflict between the West and humorless zealots**.

** In my world not all humorless zealots use Islam as a cover. There are plenty of other types of zealots that could bring the whole kit and caboodle to a grinding halt.
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