Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fifty Years From Now - bleh

This might be one of those 'meh' ideas that will never really work out.
50.YFN is shared world speculative fiction, showcasing creative visions of our world fifty years from now.
Shared world implies that creators are expected to read each other's work and respect that they all take place in the same world. My Brooklyn is your Brooklyn, and if that's where you want your story to take place, then you have to work within my Brooklyn's rules. Whose Brooklyn is it? Whoever writes it first. Stories build off each other, intertwine, become a greater tapestry. Writers can absolutely collaborate. But they may not contradict or copy each other.

Speculative fiction means NOT 'SCIFI'. No f*cking phasers or transporters or lightsabers or USS Maxipad of the United Enema of Planets or web-eared green Buddha midgets. Also? Nothing off-world. This is all Earth-bound. Save that Roddenberry sh*t for Sci Fi Channel.

It is a queer self-limiting idea. As in a land rush it rewards the quick. Get there early, stake out territory and you've stamped your corner of the universe, forever. I have scanned the future and the way it's laid out - it's a pretty sad.

Cannibalism in the Upper Peninsula, California is busy re-enacting the worst parts of Yugoslavia in the 90s, the Army is holding down highway intersections in the East - with fifty year old Strykers - it's like sending Sherman tanks to fight in Iraq - so the oil can flow.

Distopia. Who in the hell wants to play around in that. Nothing off-Earth? Pass.

I think the tag line says it all: 'a speculative futurefactory'.

Factories are places where components come in one end. The other end spits out assembled goods. In between it's all lock step and rote process. Tolerances to a nth degree, regimentation and shift work. You don't go to a factory to play around with ideas.

Kirby said it; "It's work. You're not supposed to enjoy it." Well fine.

But I like to enjoy what I read not wallow in krep.
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