Monday, June 12, 2006


Attitude matters.

"RULES? IN A KNIFE FIGHT?": Redrafting the Rules of Engagement in the First Terrorist War @ AMERICAN DIGEST
As the events of the last week concerning one Zarquawi illustrate quite succinctly, Americans have the groove in rock, in roll and in the modern battle space. Indeed, at bottom, it could well be said that "They hate us because we have the groove."

At the same time, we need to acknowledge and celebrate the grand contradiction of the American character. This is that, as individuals we are a kind, generous, and always well-meaning, if not perfect, people. But piss us off as a group severely enough and we will reduce your cities to even smaller chunks of rubble than they are naturally.

I have said this before, I think. Iraq is not a war I would have chosen but we're there and our options are defeat or victory. Defeat is sub-optimal for a number of reasons. We have the choice, then, of winning.

Which we can do. At this point in time there isn't an insurgency or army in the world that can stand against the United States. What happens in Iraq, the Middle East, will happen because we choose it to be so.

Considering the American contradiction that Vanderleun writes of, this can be a scary thing.
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