Monday, June 19, 2006

If you're trying to tell me my relationship with the Church is complicated, I already knew that.

Haven't been to Mass for quite some time, for very complicated and, to you I'm sure, boring reasons. So leave that for now. Yes, saying 'Mass' marks me as a High Church Episcopal, I know. But I still care what happens to the folks back home (so to speak). Will the Episcopal church schism over the gay and woman thing? Peter Boyer doesn't think so.

The New Yorker: Online Only: Content
The Anglican and Episcopalian way has always been to form a committee and kick the problem down the road. They think that it will work itself out in the fogs of further study. That may happen with this.

By this summer, one of two things is going to happen: the Episcopal Church in America may stay on its course and continue to endorse the consecration of gay people—three of their seven candidates for bishop of the Diocese of California are openly gay. If that is put before the national convention of the Episcopal Church this summer and it confirms a gay bishop, the worldwide Church will divide. There will be schism. Or, what may happen—and what I think will probably happen—is that the Episcopalians will decide to push this down the road.

Which sounds like the church I grew up in, allrighty.

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