Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One Good Thing

You'll kick yourself if you don't read this.

One Good Thing
By now Alex’s arms and legs were shaking like Jell-O. He looked like one of those overly-caffeinated, bug eyed, hairless purse dogs, trembling and shaking with nerves and fatigue. His right arm reached out, floundering around for purchase somewhere. His cheek was flat against the wall of grey. He gripped a blue handhold, then lifted his right leg and pulled himself up. He made it. He gave a brief, triumphant glance to Steve and smartly rapped the bell to make it ring. It didn’t ring.

“Oh no,” said Steve, “that bell’s got to ring. He won’t think he’s won if he can’t get that bell to ring.”
There is a world of wisdom about the human condition in that post.
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