Friday, June 23, 2006

I'll give it a '10' Dick, for attitude

"Won't Get Fooled Again"
Songwriter Pete Townshend seemed to be genuinely disaffected not only from the older generation but from his own as well. While most people of the younger generation vowed never to trust anyone over thirty, Townshend made it his business to not trust anyone who was under thirty either. The band's appearance at Woodstock only exacerbated Townshend's hostility toward hippie politics when he forcibly removed a ranting Abbie Hoffman from the stage so his own band could begin their set. Some were offended by his inability to lay back and accept the hippie agenda at face value, but time may have proven Townshend to be the wiser. Once the smokescreen of rhetoric and posturing dissipated, the politics of youth were revealed to be as one-dimensional and muddled as the values they were rallying against.

Sure, it's subjective but music by 'The Who' seems to wear better than stuff their peers were doing 'back when'. I can appreciate 'Yellow Submarine' but gads it sounds dated. 'Substitute', written the same year, is still listenable.

Again, all subjective.
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