Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The Stardance Project
Although over 99% of the universe is a zero-gravity environment, our species seems to have a neurotic dependence on the surface of large planets. We're stuck in the mud. A dance to free our bodies from the pull of gravity, to celebrate life off the planets, may free us to accept and appreciate the unearthly beauty, meditative stillness, and physical comfort that can be found in space.

The Stardance film proposes that there is more to space travel than orbital mechanics, payloads and turbopumps. There is also zero-gravity art. It can be a powerful key to spiritual transcendence, and the kind of accelerated human evolution Spider and I have talked about at length in our novels.

It all sounds vaugely hippy-dippy - but heck it's Spider and Jeanne Robinsion so of course it does.

There is - there will be - room in a mature space-faring culture for engineering guys and artsy folks. Best of luck to the Stardance Project.
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