Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Buh-Bye MetaLink

Oracle is doing away with Classic MetaLink.

Dear Oracle - Meta Link is STILL Broken

Some reasons why making everyone use 'My Oracle Support' is sub-optimal.

  • The name is retarded. [1]
  • I can't use the scroll button on my mouse.
  • I can't use the space bar to page down.
  • Except .. in places I can use the space bar.  And the scroll wheel.

This isn't about customer service or or lowering TCO or any of that whitewash and I wish they would cut the bullshit. 

It's about making something that worked, but looked old, into something that looks new and shiny but does not work so well as the old version.  Because new and shiny looks good on the ol' internal resume and Oracle is about five years past caring about the poor bastards who have to deal with their ever increasing product line. [2]

And they are not gonna be able to do much about that because Flash is a horrible, horrible thing for this purpose and they are stuck with it.

Anyway. I might as well stop picking on Oracle because it's not going to get any better and no matter what a dozen low-level PMs out there might say on the phone they don't care what I think and they won't care what anyone thinks as long as the stock price keeps perking along.

[1] It is barely okay for a consumer kinda deal.  My Pretty Pony.  My Sony Support Center; like that.  It's ludicrous for a support site used by working professionals only when they must and who don't want a Personalized Oracle Experience - we just want to get stuff done, get systems back on line, and get back to work.

And I darn sure don't want to think about how much money we have paid Oracle for stuff and how much is going into this abomination instead of putting more people to work at the Help Desk.

[2] Take a look at the list of Oracle's Cavalcade of Crap - it looks like GM's product line before they lost their shit.  And that list does not include all of the stuff that Sun brings to the party.

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