Saturday, July 04, 2009

The one holiday where we combine beer and rocketry!

I could not have put it any better.
July Fourth is my favorite holiday. I love that I don’t have to buy gifts for anyone or wear pantyhose. It’s not a fancy holiday, I’d call it a celebratory memorial more organic in nature than formal minded. Perfectly suited to picnics, swimsuits, slices of ice cold watermelon and children running gin wild, sugar high on cane fueled soda and orange popsicles.

The dissonance of what we’re celebrating and how we go about the celebrations is wonderfully American. We expect that our Declaration of Independence is the natural order of things for all men, that our founding was a providential blessing guided by a convocation of brilliant men, most of all, we know that we’re deserving of the great bounty served up by over two hundred years of tradition. It’s our birthright, taken for simple grant and too often spit out in grand ignorance beside the unseen ghosts of fierce independence and hot spilt blood who gave everything to create our freedom. Brilliant men of courage and conviction gave me this voice.

Title from here.

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