Sunday, July 05, 2009


We're on the boat and my favorite blond-haired daughter is steering and expressed concern that she could tip the boat over.  And I said 'no way you could do that'.  And five minutes later she did just that.

What used to come natural when I did things like this on purpose with my Sunfish worked like a charm with a Guppy.  Swim around to the bottom, grab the keel, push down, and she pops right up.  Did not even ship a lot of water.[1]

What we did manage to do was bend the pins keeping the rudder attached to the boat [2]Forget being able to steer.  But that's what we've got an outboard for.

The outboard was not happy about it's total immersion in the lake.

Thank God for the kindness and courtesy of strangers who cut short their day of sun and fun to tow us to shore. 

Also thanks to the about eleven or twelve other boaters who came around to see if they could be of assistance.  It is easy to be all cynical about people but at least in some situations people drop what they are doing and come around to help.

It's just what you do.

[1] One huge difference between my days of fooling around with a Sunfish and now is that hauling my 41-year old self over the stern of the Guppy is not nearly as easy as pulling my fifteen year-old self out of the water onto a board boat.

[2] And the ventilator cover on the bow was just gone when I righted the boat.

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