Wednesday, July 15, 2009

People Suck II

Dear Snoopy Neighbor Lady,

They are boys, aged 14 and 9.  They are loud.  They play-fight with sticks [1].  And toy swords.  And squirt guns.  They wrestle [2].  They know how and when to throw a punch.  They do not talk back to adults because they are polite.

I encourage all this because I am engaged in a long-term project to raise men, not milksops.

They were in our backyard engaged in rannygazoo.  They were not killing each other and implying that boys acting like boys is cause for calling the social services folks is a load of buckwheat.

You can go tend your knitting, lady, and I'll tend mine.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Dunbar
Data Dink and Former Lance Corporal of Marines

[1] I discourage this, but I am aware that it happens.  I do not like 'sticks as swords' because sticks can break in unpredictable ways (you'll put your eye out) and broken sticks go WHACK in the lawnmower.

[2] The older one gets the best of it mostly with his weight and reach but the younger one is sneaky and gets in low blows and hair pulling: it evens out.

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