Sunday, July 26, 2009


The Terror of Tiny town
This is a pretty typical western except that everyone in it is a little person.  I don’t find midgets funny in and of themselves.  But the idea of a whole wild west town full of them is bizarre and interesting.
As Ryan said, it's a typical oater from that era: white hats, black hats, horses, a range war etc.  The actors are midgets, the horses are ponies and the actors walk under the saloon doors, not through them.

There is a penguin in the barber shop.  I'm not sure what that's about: did penguins mean something for the audience in 1938?  A shout-out to Admiral Byrd, perhaps?

I watched it all.  After the first twenty minutes I found myself watching not camp but ... a film that was not half-bad.  Yeah, some of the actors are just reading lines but some are not: 'Little Billy' Rhodes is a serviceable Black Hat, Charles Becker does righteous service as comic relief and Yvonne Moray as the Love Interest - man if that chick had been 5'5 she'd be right up there with Garbo and Mae West.

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