Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Opportunity knocks once let's reach out and grab it, 
Together we'll nab it, 
We'll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it!

Movin' Right Along (YouTube)

We're moving!  New home, state, new company.

Gonna be fun.

More, later.

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Smells like rolling probable cause
Your Ma's gonna know what you been doin'

Visited Mom, back at the home place.  Brought a bottle of wine as a gift because I was raised right.

Was violently reminded of the perils of 'sun' [1] mixed with 'June' combined with 'Oklahoma' when I left the wine in the wagon for a few hours after arrival, and the predictable happened.

Messy, but not impossible to clean.  And the car now has a 'winey' smell that is faint, and not-unpleasing.

[1] That damned luminous orb.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Robert E. Lee Was Not A Good General

From the Twitter:

A Guy: Robert E. Lee was excellent.
Me: Oh boy: there is a long ranty post about Lee's short comings, but not written. Yet.

And I sat down to write it tonight and thought 'Hey, I have written that.  And so I have and here it is;

Robert E. Lee was not a good general. He fiddle-fracked around on campaigns of no possible benefit, wasted the only resource he could not afford to waste - his manpower. He was a fool, unable to adapt to the changing times.