Friday, April 25, 2014

Catching up While Waiting To Pick Up My Youngest Son From A Social Event

The biggest thing, ever, in quite a while is that I, Brian Keith Isidore Dunbar, have been confirmed, received, into the Roman Catholic Church.

I'd like to thank Sister Maria of Our Lady of the Lake, for leading the RCIA class. Stanley Cummings for sponsoring my poor self. My wife for putting up with me, and setting a good, Catholic example, and my son, Cian, for taking the journey with me.

A special thanks to the brothers at OLOL Fraternus for setting a great example of how to be a man, and for sponsoring the several excursions we took together. There is nothing quite like celebrating Mass in the woods with seventy or eight like-minded fellows.

There is other stuff about work but it seems less important now, than when I set out to write this.

If you're interested in legal services or software, startups, Clojure, Ansible, Datomic, ElasticSearch, or the hazards of open-plan offices, drop me a line.