Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Robert E. Lee of SF writers

When I look at the competition, think about the gifted, smart people I work with, our tool set, the shiny machines, the really nifty hardware we're installing in the data center ...

I need to remind myself ...

"Listen to me now: There has never been a military in the entire history of the human race that has gone to war equipped with more than the least that it needs to fight the enemy. War is expensive.  It costs money and it costs lives and no civilization has an infinite amount of either.  So when you fight, you conserve. You use and equip only as much as you have to, never more. 
He stared at us grimly.  "Is any of this getting through?  Do any of you understand what I'm trying to tell you?  You don't have these shiny new bodies and pretty new weapons because we want to give you an unfair advantage.  You have these bodies and these weapons because they are the absolute minimum that will allow you to fight and survive out there.  We didn't want to give you these bodies, you dipsh*ts.  It's just that if we didn't, the human race would already be extinct
"Do you understand now?  Do you finally have an idea of what you're up against?  Do you?"

Scalzi's online persona is a a bit of a dipsh*t.  Produces readable, but not great, fiction.

He is, come to think of it, the Robert E. Lee of SF writers in a world of Lost Cause a**holes.

But he's about got it spot on, here.

Gotta be humble.

Monday, September 16, 2013

PLEASE America do nothing to promote gun control

When I heard the news I thought: 'Stand by for stuff to get stupid'.

Feinstein and the Fonz did not disappoint.

In a world of higgedly-piggedly, it's good to know people's knees will jerk predictably.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Placeholder Post

Dear S4C Readers.

The story of the trailer house, the ferret smell, and the flush toilets, will remain unpublished until after the law suit is concluded.


The Mgt


It's been too long since I've filled the house with the smell of baking bread.

Far, far, longer, I gather from the land lord, since this house has had people in who bake.

I'm not a wild-eyed mystic but I do, I do, believe a home retains a certain presence from what is done within: cutting a pine board, baking bread.

That stuff gets into the walls, man, and makes a place feel like a home.

Dough rising as I type.  Bread will be done at 6:00.  Be here by 6:15 or the Teenagers will not leave you a crumb.

I'm seeing things:

But that doesn't mean they are not there.

Look at this picture of the Caprica City skyline ( from the title track of Battlestar Galactica): front and center is a building that looks like an old-model Cylon head.

Man: those guys are tricky.

At least I'm pretty sure it is  Maybe not enough coffee.  Or too much.