Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I hate Illinois Nazis

tjic posted so

Only Jews like copyright!
Cory links, approvingly, to a bunch of buttons that protest current copyright laws with a hip, fun, communist theme :

Anti-DRM badges

To which 'Pug' replied

I just wanted to tell you you’re an idiot. Learn the difference between a communist and a Nazi. Better yet read Karl Marx’s seminal work Manifest der kommunistischen Partei (Communist Manifesto). Here I’ll even give you a link ~ Communism is about equality. Go be less ignorant.

And BTW Hitler was actually opposed to communism. It’s a common misconception that Nazi’s were communists- they weren’t. Nazi’s were fascists. Here’s another link in the hopes of educating you.

Read this shit and go issue an apology.

To which I have to reply like so:

I chuckled and thought unkind thoughts about people who don't appreciate history - do I need to mutter a heartfelt "sorry 'bout that"?

And if so .. to whom? HIpsters? Unreconstructed Stalinists? Illinois Nazis? I hate Illinois Nazis, by the way. Not that you asked, or that you get the reference, I'm just saying.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Attention vendors

I am talking to you, Ariba.

It's okay ... really ... to display error information when a customer person tries to login and can't. It's probably even better if this information is displayed in multiple ways. Some of us disable pop up windows and when the ONLY means you use to communicate the message "that's not a valid id" is to launch a pop-up ... we don't see it. This is frustrating. I'd much rather spend time fixing problems than diagnosing your lame customer information site.

Thank you.

The Customer

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Elbow Room

Reading a bit about the Left and the Right up in arms over the restriction of medicinal pot and the overall restriction (some say abolition) of State's Rights got me to thinking about that wonderful propaganda that ABC produced in the 70s - specifically 'Elbow Room'.

One thing you will discover
When you get next to one another
Is everybody needs some elbow room, elbow room.

It's nice when you're kinda cozy, but
Not when you're tangled nose
to nosey, oh,
Everybody needs some elbow, needs
a little elbow room.

That's how it was in the early days
of the U.S.A.,
The people kept coming to settle though
The east was the only place there
was to go.

The President was Thomas Jefferson
He made a deal with Napoleon.
How'd you like to sell a mile or two, (or three, or a hundred or a thousand?)
And so, in 1803 the Louisiana Territory was sold to us
Without a fuss
And gave us lots of elbow room,

Oh, elbow room, elbow room,
Got to, got to get us some elbow room.
It's the West or bust,
In God we trust.
There's a new land out there...
Lewis and Clark volunteered to go,
Good-bye, good luck, wear your overcoat!
They prepared for good times and for bad (and for bad),
They hired Sacajawea to be their guide.
She led them all across the countryside.
Reached the coast
And found the most
Elbow room we've ever had.

The way was opened up for folks with bravery.
There were plenty of fights
To win land rights,
But the West was meant to be;
It was our Manifest Destiny!

The trappers, traders, and the peddlers,
The politicians and the settlers,
They got there by any way they could (any way they could).
The Gold Rush trampled down the wilderness,
The railroads spread across from East to West,
And soon the rest was opened up for - opened up for good.

And now we jet from East to West.
Good-bye New York, hello L.A.,
But it took those early folks to open up the way.

Now we've got a lot of room to be
Growing from sea to shining sea.
Guess that we have got our elbow room (elbow room)
But if there should ever come a time
When we're crowded up together, I'm
Sure we'll find some elbow room...up on the moon!

Oh, elbow room, elbow room.
Got to, got to get us some elbow room.
It's the moon or bust,
In God we trust.
There's a new land up there!