Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hi-Point 45 ACP - October 2013

Being an occasional repot on a Hi-Point 45 ACP.  I own one, I'll shoot it when I can.  I'm not a gun expert, or a firearms aficionado.  I'm just this guy, you know?  Always remember: the plural of anecdote is not data.

October, 2013.  Fired fifty rounds.  No mis-feeds, jams, or excitement. Hit the target, a man-sized silhouette at 12 and 25 yards.  All rounds except one landed in the black, with consistent grouping down and to the left because the shooter is human, and weak.  The errant round was the last fired; the shooter got lazy and jerked it off.

Based on the collective wisdom of nerdy aficionados on the internet, I expected the thing to mis-feed, jam, explode, catch fire, sodomize a cat, or a combination of any and all the above.  Disappointed that I appear to have a firearm that, while not pretty, Just Works.

Until Next Time, Joe Bob says Check It Out.