Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillary has lost me

Hillary is off my list.
"I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time, so that when that young person turns 18 if they have finished high school they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will be able to make that downpayment on their first home," she said.

Say this much - instead of sucking up to voters with a wink-wink-nudge and entitlements she's all right up front about buying votes.
The New York senator did not offer any estimate of the total cost of such a program or how she would pay for it. Approximately 4 million babies are born each year in the United States.

Assuming a constant birthrate of 4 million babies times $5,000 = $20,000,000,000. Every year. Forever.

The word needs more of these

Behold! The motorized pogo stick!

Video at the link. And yes, it's described as a ridden hopping robot but ... poh I knew a pogo stick when I see one.


Friday, September 28, 2007


The GM - UAW fracaas puts me in mind off an RPG game I played with my son.

One card would let you attack your opponent and kill him dead, dead dead. The only catch was that for every hit point you took from your opponent one was subtracted from you.

Excellent card for a two-player game, if somewhat lacking in good form. Not so good if you took down your opponent and then had to face the other players in the game with from a fatally weakened position.

Like a cross between Knights of the Round Table and the Jesse James gang

Because it's good to totally dominate your space and hear the lamentations of their women ...
America, you’ve voted, and the results are in! Drumroll, please. This year’s oh-so proud winners are:
Orville Redenbacher
Chick-Fil-A Cows
The Few. The Proud. The Marines—US Marine Corps
DING! You are now free to move about the country!—Southwest Airlines

Can’t wait to see you again next year!

Even if it is just a piddly online contest.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What cops would like the public to know

What cops would like the public to know

Every traffic stop could end in gunfire, but we have to be polite and professional until that time.

So what you're really saying is when you pull the trigger .. and for an undefined time after .. it's ok to be unprofessional?

Yes it’s true, cops usually don’t give other cops tickets. Think of it as an employee discount, perk or benefit. Other Cops are family and you wouldn’t give your brother a ticket if you were a cop either.
I don't have a brother. Let me imagine that I do .. mmm .. mom loved you best .. took my cookie .. stole my girlfriend ... ok yes I would give the bastard a ticket.

Kidding aside I was, for eight years, part of a family that drew members from across the country. We were so cool that guys would immigrate just to join. A cross between the Jesse James gang and the Knights of the Round Table, with plenty of nice guys, guys that meant nothing to me, some real butt heads and a sprinkling of dysfunctional weirdos. Just like a real family.

Once in a while it was in my power to give a fellow Marine a break - be it failing to notice breaking barracks regulations or a sloppy uniform or whatever. It was never a good idea; absent rules and regulations there is no order and without order you don't have Marines you have an armed mob.

What kind of policing can you have when the folks who are in charge of enforcement don't have to obey the rules?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Eagles

As if, living in Wisconsin, I needed a reason to cheer for the Packers and who ever is playing against the Eagles . . .
In a New Orleans park, NRA celebrants erected an enormous pyramid on which were inscribed the names of more than 7,000 people and businesses who had taken the pledge; on top of the pyramid was a nine-foot eagle made of blue lights, while red and white bulbs spelled out "We Do Our Part." In Philadelphia, citizens were soon cheering for a new professional football team whose name was inspired by the general's icon: the Philadelphia Eagles. In Roanoke, North Carolina, "Shanghai Mickey" offered Blue Eagle tattoos for a mere 50 cents. In Atlantic City, beauty contestants had the Blue Eagle stamped on their thighs.

That is the NRA as in National Recovery Act. Who names a team after legislation? Who keeps it decades after the legislation was struck down by the Supreme Court?


Non-News - Scouts follow training and common sense

Via TJIC: Scouts follow training and common sense, flim at 11:00.

Eight Scouts, ages 11 to 14, and their three adult leaders emerged unharmed from the dense forest Monday morning after an intense overnight search by 28 rescuers and nine dogs.

Rescuers who were not, as it turns out, were not needed. They rescued themselves.

The Scouts and their leaders "did just what they were supposed to do, they hunkered down," said Rodney Jones, assistant scoutmaster of Troop 217, from Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Scouts awoke at 7:30 a.m. Monday and started packing up, Jones said. One of the leaders spotted a power line, which the group followed to a cabin. There they encountered a meter reader for the local power utility, who took them to the Cruso Fire Department, the search effort's headquarters, said fire department spokeswoman Charity Sharp.

In the immortal words of The Scott Miller
To all you "crunchy granola suites" out there, when you're having a meadow party and you have your kegs but no one can build a fire because it's raining, who can?
This scout can.

When you're drowning after diving into the town duck pond drunk as a skunk, who can save you?
This scout can.

When you're moving home from college and you're trying to tie down your Morrisey poster so it won't fly off your parents' car, who can?
This scout can.

When it does fly off your car and causes a huge accident, who can treat the wounds of your soon to be accusers?
This scout can.

Who can out-smoke, out-drink, out-cuss and then (and only then) out-argue you about the worthiness of The Boy Scouts?
This scout can.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Carnival of Space - Week 21

Carnival of Space - Week 21 is up at Why Homeschool.

My favorite is the Cynic's post
The Space Cynics getting tired of "announcements" of great things space agencies intend to do that are 20+ years from now (and somehow never seem to materialize...) in their post Anyone Can Take a Reservation.

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Health Care for Nothin'

I do loves me some health care filk

I want my, I want my, I want my docs for free.

Now look at that Clinton, that's the way you do it
You play the class war on the ol' tv
That ain't campaignin', that's the way you do it
Health care for nothin' and your docs for free
Now that ain't campaignin', that's the way you do it
Lemme tell ya that gal ain't dumb
Maybe look righteous waggin' a finger
Sure to get a vote from some bum.

We gotta worry 'bout Middle East countries
Immigration and trade treaties
We gotta balance the fed'ral budget
And that don't play on soundbite tv.

See the little Clinton with the earrings and the makeup
Yeah buddy that ain't her own dough
Givin' away other people's money
Always makes for a real good show.

We gotta worry 'bout Middle East countries
Immigration and trade treaties
We gotta balance the fed'ral budget
And that don't play on soundbite tv.

I shoulda learned to play th' Class War
I shoulda learned to court them bums
Look at that mama, she gonna promise free insurance
Votes? That's gonna get some.
And she's up there, whats that? Socialist noises?
Bangin' on the wealthy like Noam Chomsky
That ain't campaignin', that's the way you do it
Health care for nothin' and your docs for free.

We gotta worry 'bout Middle East countries
Immigration and trade treaties
We gotta balance the fed'ral budget
And that don't play on soundbite tv.

Now that ain't campaignin', that's the way you do it
You play the class war on the ol' tv
That ain't campaignin', that's the way you do it
Health care for nothin' and your docs for free
Health care for nothin' and docs for free.


To Fly Free in Space

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

Just .. wow. From APOD of course.

Proud Legions

We can lose the game not only because of the nature of our enemies, but because of our own. We understand we cannot ignore the competition, and realize with frustration that we cannot end it by putting the competitor out of business with a bang, but we will not willingly face that fact that we may walk along the chasm, beset by tigers, for many years to come. . . . If free nations want a certain kind of world, they will have to fight for it, with courage, money, diplomacy--and legions. -- T. R. Fehrenbach

A copy of T.R. Fehrenbach's 'Proud Legions' is here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Man vs Kzin

From 'The Ringworld Engineers'
The Man-Kzin wars were long over when Louis Wu was born. Men won them all. The kzinti have always had a tendency to attack before they are quite ready. Civilization on Canyon is a legacy of the Third Man-Kzin War, when the human world Wunderland developed a taste for esoteric weapons.
Which is not to say that it was a cakewalk for the grunts fighting the wars, just that they won.

Click here and play 'spot the carnivore'!

Worm Food

It begins ...
Scientists on Tuesday investigated a deep crater created by a meteorite strike in southeastern Peru that left 200 villagers sick from powerful fumes emanating from the crash site.
If we start hearing stories of funny new red plants and improbably large worms eating people, horses and etc. this winter in the Andes we are all in a world of hurt.

Semper Fi - vote early and vote often

From Mike the Marine
Dear Marine Corps Family,

"The Few. The Proud. The Marines." is more than just a slogan. These three sentences represent who we are, epitomizing the challenge of becoming (The Few), and the reward of being (The Proud), one of the elite (The Marines). Suffice it to say, Few slogans convey such a Proud tradition.

Our tagline has been a foundation in the Marine Corps for over thirty years. Now we have the opportunity to immortalize these words into America's civilian culture as well. "The Few. The Proud." has been nominated BEST SLOGAN for the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. The Marine Corps joins a list of 26 other brands that will compete for entry based on total number of votes received online at

Whether you are one of the few and the proud, or simply one of the faithful to those who bear the title United States Marine, we ask that you browse to the URL: to vote for the slogan that has meant so much to so many. If you have Internet access in more than one location, you can vote more than once, so remember to vote from home, work, the library, and anywhere else you can find a computer!

With a dedicated constituency of active, former, and civilian members of the Marine Corps, strength of message, and patriotic nature of our institution, we are confident a concentrated effort will deliver "The Few. The Proud." into the hall of fame, establishing it in its rightful place among elite American brands.

We thank you for your support!

Marine Corps Recruiting Command
(703) 784-9433
MCRC Advertising Department
3280 Russell Rd, Quantico, Va 22134

Ah - go on - click that link. You know you want to.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happiness is a squeaky analog connection tone.

Health Care

Clinton's new gambit on healthcare
Washington - In a presidential primary season dominated by the Iraq war, the No. 1 domestic issue roars onto center stage Monday as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) of New York unveils her proposal for healthcare reform
You want the same government that brought you the IRS, the DMV, Iraq, Monica, the response to Hurricane Katrina, Iran-Contra, trickle-down economics, Watergate, the Gulf of Tonkin, Abscam .. to run your health care?

It surpasses my poor understanding - if we don't trust them to run a war, we rail at the DMV and the IRS but .. give them health care and it will all just work out?


Reality, meet the Poli-Sci Major

Woman's brother signs up for Annapolis, goes into vapor-lock when she finds out it's part of the military.
Soon that pride turned to anger and fear: after my mom dropped him off at Annapolis, she came home with an acute sense of grief. The only thing she could talk about was how to get him out. In addition to missing his presence at home, she was scared by the extent to which her son had suddenly become the property of the U.S. Navy.

It all ended well at least.
My brother ended up liking Annapolis and he has decided to stay.
Imagine that - finding out that there are things bigger than one's self and worthy of a modest amount of dedication
While it has been difficult for me to accept that I have a brother in the military,
It's one step removed from bi-lateral frostbite or discovering lice on your kid's head. The horror.
I must allow him to pursue whatever path he is drawn toward,
Mighty big of you, Sis.
and he has admitted to me that he feels called to being there. However, for anyone else out there considering a career in the academy, let it be known: the U.S. Naval Academy is not an elite college; it is first and foremost a branch of the U.S. military.

Define College
an institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university

You'd have to be a Poli-Sci major not to have known exactly which part of United States Naval Academy did not mean 'military'.
The author a Barnard College senior majoring in political science.


Mark Cuban bought a Mac

He's happy with it.
Im not an Apple fanboy, but I love me some MacBook
With just a few minor complaints
The 2nd problem is the lack of the right mouse click. I know its a Mac thing to only have one button, but its a hassle. Sure there are work arounds, none of which are quick and easy for a longtime PC user.

For the love of God, man. Get a two-button mouse and just ... plug it in. It's that easy.

To all who shall see these presents, greeting

To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of ...

You know the rest. Congratulations to Sergeant First Class Reece Gordon - the finest SSG SFC it is my pleasure to know.

He's a hell of a good son as well.

Doesn't look old enough for three up, two down, does he?

Fun, lack of.

There is no getting around the fact that cops, sergeants and proxy servers spoil your fun.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blank Top Chronicles

PWAPS is right - this is a funny blog: The Blank Top Chronicles.
ME: Am I being controlled by Jews then?
GUY: Yes you are.
ME: That's funny, I don't feel like I'm being controlled by Jews.
GUY: Well you are.
ME: Is it the Jews' fault I forgot to turn my alarm on and got into work late today?
GUY: . . . I'm being serious here. I know what you're doing and you're not going to get away with it.
ME: I don't know, according to your theory you have Jews and Middle Easterners working together. I'd call that notable progress, wouldn't you?
ME: (over the radio) Hey who picked up from 1234 X Street and took somebody to 5678 Y Street?
DRIVER: I did that sir.
ME: Could you check the back of your cab, your passenger says he left a snake in your backseat.
DRIVER: Eh? A what sir?
ME: A snake.
DRIVER: A snake?? A SNAKE?!?!?! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
ME: Hello? You still there? HELLO?? Oh, wonderful.
There is more - much, much more.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quarry Quest

We went to Quarry Quest this year.

Whazzat? Michels Corporation opens the Neenah Quarry for a day in September. Woo - rocks. But no, it's fun.
Quarry Quest was created by a team of community-minded organizations in 1999 to help provide a better understanding of the construction and mining industries while also raising much needed funds for local charitable organizations.
No, really it is fun. Kids get to climb all over heavy equipment, ride around in heavy equipment, operate it in a limited way. No blasting, sadly. I'd explained the role of explosives in rock mining and perhaps I'd stressed the ka-boom aspect a little too much.

The best part - for me - was seeing my three monkeys build a chimney together. It's been an interesting year for them and seeing them cooperate and spend an hour slapping bricks and mortar together .. it was good.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Joke of the Week

Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Th...
Q: Wanna ride bikes?!!!

From Timmer at The Daily Brief.

How To Make a Small Fortune in Space

$25 million for the first team to send a drone to the moon and have it drive around.

Thought the First. What Murdoc said . . .
This will NEVER work. NEVER EVER EVER. There is no way that anyone besides the BIG GOVERNMENT AGENCIES could do this. There's no way the people working working for private entrepreneurs could ever possibly pull this off. It's going to take NASA years to get back to the moon. No one else HAS A CHANCE!

I am TAUNTING you! I am calling your skills into question. I am doubting your manhood. I don't think you can do it. I am DARING you to prove me wrong!

Thought the Second. This does not solve the 'it's freaking expensive to get stuff to orbit' problem. Unless the winning team solves that problem while they're low-costing a solution to get a bot to the moon. Or it inspires someone else to work on the problem.

Thought the Third. It's clear, now, what the solution is to solve our space access problems: make a pile of money in another industry and throw it at engineers.

*The answer for the subject line question is of course: Start with a large fortune.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is a tasty burger

Was dinner last night with friends a disaster? Kinda. We did get to socialize, which was nice. The service was terrible, 1/2 the meals served had to be sent back (see here) and Applebee's is right off my Christmas list.

But I gotta say that my dinner was excellent. That was a tasty burger. If you like burgers give the Cowboy Burger a try. I do love the taste of a good burger ...

Subject line and post tone hat tip.


Toki Pona is an artificial language, invented by Sonja Kisa. It's proverbs include
nasin mani li ike. Capitalism is negative.
jo ijo li ike e jan. Possession corrupts.
(Insert snarky comment here.)


If you're lost find a police officer

The older I get the less I trust the Authorities.

Most of the (few) dealings I've had with the police have been reasonable affairs. I don't doubt that the police will attract people who will abuse their badge. We can't get rid of all of them but if they're not managed well they'll go off the rails.

Officer #1: Let me see your insurance card for the vehicle.
Brett: Did I commit a moving violation?
Officer #1: Yeah you did, when you were coming in here.
Brett: Really? What was that?
Officer #1: Yeah, you wanna try me? You wanna try me tonight? You think you've had a bad night? I will ruin your ****ing night.
[Officer starts to get close up to my face]
Officer #1 You want to try me?
[Officer is inches away from my face, screaming as I'm pinned between him and my vehicle]
Officer #1 Do you wanna try me young boy? Do you want to try me tonight young boy?
Brett: No I don't.
Officer #1: Do you want to go to jail for some ****ing reason I come up with?
Brett: No I don't.
Officer #1: Do you wanna see who knows the law better, me or you. My experience compared to your young ass. Huh? Don't ever get smart mouthed with a cop again. I show you what a cop does. Do you understand me?
Brett: Yes sir.
Officer #1: Try and talk back -- Talk back to me again. I bet I could say you resisted arrest or something. You want to come up with something? I come up with nine things. Do you wanna try something?
Brett: No I don't.

Read the transcript. Watch the video -it's instructive.

I have kids. I want to raise them right. It's really damned difficult for me to tell my little monkey 'if you're lost find a police officer' when one of them could be a guy like Kuehnlein.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Civics - what's that?

Well slap me silly.

Under a new school rule, students at Hobbton High School (North Carolina) are not allowed to wear items with flags, from any country, including the United States.

The superintendent of schools in Sampson County calls the situation unfortunate, but says educators didn’t want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible.

Well, no. Because we wouldn't want to draw a line in the sand and say "hey that's the flag of our country, it stand for a Republic of free citizens - it means something." Because that would be defining values and we can't have the schools doing that. Civics? Citizenship? Whazzat?

mumble is the consolation of the West as it commits suicide mumble.

Update as I was writing this ..

Superintendent Dr. L. Stewart Hobbs, Jr said they have lifted the ban on flags and “from this point on, all dress code changes will be made at the school board level.”

He displayed adaptability and that is good. I wonder if he would have if the protest had flap had stayed a local affair?


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I was driving to work. Stopped for gas. Heard some guys in the store talking about airplanes and New York City and World Trade Center. Turned the radio to NPR. Went to work where it became obvious what it really was but I already knew because I'd read this a year or two before ..

As more and more human beings are overwhelmed by information, or dispossessed by the effects of information-based technologies, there will be more violence. Information victims will often see no other resort. As work becomes more cerebral, those who fail to find a place will respond by rejecting reason. We will see countries and continents divide between rich and poor in a reversal of 20th-century economic trends. Developing countries will not be able to depend on physical production industries, because there will always be another country willing to work cheaper. The have-nots will hate and strive to attack the haves. And we in the United States will continue to be perceived as the ultimate haves. States will struggle for advantage or revenge as their societies boil. Beyond traditional crime, terrorism will be the most common form of violence, but transnational criminality, civil strife, secessions, border conflicts, and conventional wars will continue to plague the world, albeit with the "lesser" conflicts statistically dominant. In defense of its interests, its citizens, its allies, or its clients, the United States will be required to intervene in some of these contests. We will win militarily whenever we have the guts for it.

There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.

I knew what was going on - that cultural losers had stepped out from the 4th dimension to slit our throats. But I take heart because this comes from the same article and it rings in my mind like righteous Truth ..
American culture is criticized for its impermanence, its "disposable" products. But therein lies its strength. All previous cultures sought ideal achievement which, once reached, might endure in static perfection. American culture is not about the end, but the means, the dynamic process that creates, destroys, and creates anew. If our works are transient, then so are life's greatest gifts--passion, beauty, the quality of light on a winter afternoon, even life itself. American culture is alive.

Monday, September 10, 2007

NASA needs a new slogan

"Explore, Discover, Understand."

A lame slogan only a government agency could love. It's not even in Latin.

NASA is looking for a new one. What they've come up with is "NASA explores for answers that power our future."

Ya - that's a lot better, Ace. You're only a few words away from a tag line for GE.

Rand Simberg's commentators came up with some good ones

NASA:98.0 Percent Safe!
NASA: The AmTrak of the 21st century!
We fly where we won't let you go.
Come join us in cubicle hell.
NASA: Keeping the moon free of pesky humanity since 1972.

WIRED has an open contest running

Ex Caeli Sapientia (From the heavens, wisdom)
NASA: In 100 years, you'll wish you'd given us more funding.
NASA: Actually this *is* rocket science.
NASA: Take THAT, gravity!
NASA: What We Could Do With The Billions Wasted In Iraq...
NASA: The Stars Our Destination

Remember the first rule of awesome motto writing: it sounds better in Latin.

Remember when the whole world looked up?

That's the tag-line for 'In the Shadow of the Moon' - a new film by Ron Howard.

I'm forty. And no I do not remember when the whole world looked up. Which is - for some of us - a pretty big deal. Others - not so much. Will propaganda like this film change anyone's mind?

I don't know - but it can't hurt. Schedule here.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Space Lifestyle Magazine

Via Space Pragmatism comes news of a new magazine ..


GRAND FORKS, ND / Sept. 2 / -- Space Lifestyle Magazine, an digital edition publication on the people and happenings in space and the space sector launched today from their site, New Forks, LLC ( is a virtual media company based in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Going by the online version it sure enough is a pretty publication. The first issue features articles on Yuri's Night, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy and Beyond Earth Enterprises. Hard hitting journalism it's not but that doesn't make it a bad thing - there is room in this space for all kinds of literature.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Serious vs. Playing Around

TJIC linked to this post. Kevin commented
What am I if my first reaction to that picture was “cosplayer with Airsoft weapons”? Seriously, something about that picture screams “just playing around”.
I'll bet you a nickel that if you were to poll the police, most of the guys who groove on the full battle rattle look were never in the Army or Marines.

Ready to fend off the terrorist hordes. Until they show up we're looking mighty good for the tourists.

Ready to fend off the terrorist hordes .. who planted a bomb about 20 meters that-a-way a few hours ago.

Listen to Reason

Darn. The time I spent drafting a rant and finding this picture

might be wasted. Lousy reasonable vendors doing the right thing.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Semper Fi - Anbar Edition

Guys like SSGT Rakene Lee are the rule not the exception ...
This footage was filmed by Michael Yon while he was embedded with US Marines in Anbar Province in May, 2007. It depicts SSGT Rakene Lee as he coordinates the efforts of Iraqi Army and Police officers responding to a tip about an IED planted in a road near Falahat. The videotape is part of the third installment of the dispatch "Ghosts in Anbar" and it is best understood within that context.Read the dispatch here.

Political Quiz

Block quoted in full - 'cause it's so good.

If you see an American hero keeping us safe from terrorists, you may lean towards the conservative side of the aisle.

If you see (and feel discomfort at the sight of) a machine gun with high-capacity magazines that nobody should be allowed to own save the military and police, you may lean towards the liberal side of the aisle.

If you look at that picture and have an instantaneous reaction of revulsion at the sight of one of the King's Men patrolling with a taxpayer-funded automatic weapon whose ownership is denied to the citizens that paid for it, in the middle of a city where possession of even a rimfire smallbore pistol is illegal for citizens, then you may lean towards Libertarianism.

(If you look at the picture and see mainly a G36K with an Aimpoint and double-clamped magazines, you are, of course, a gun geek.)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Command lines are hard

Uncov on Synthasite, a Web 2.0 business that is .. well never mind what the business is because with Uncov all of the fun is in how they call them out ..

They're scaling shit with Amazon EC2, a reasonable practice, at least, until you read this little nugget on their blog:

Whilst the Amazon infrastructure is excellent, the management tools are all command line based, and can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated.

Command lines are hard! Fuck. Kill yourselves.

Sorry for the swears.

The only justification you need to buy a pickup truck

You have to admit that looks mighty refreshing after a long day in the August heat.


Mighty refreshing, indeed.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Defeat, sound of

This is what defeat sounds like ...

... in Phnom Penh former Cambodian prime minister Sirik Matak wrote to John Gunther Dean, the American ambassador, turning down his offer of evacuation:

Dear Excellency and Friend:

I thank you very sincerely for your letter and for your offer to transport me towards freedom. I cannot, alas, leave in such a cowardly fashion. As for you, and in particular for your great country, I never believed for a moment that you would have this sentiment of abandoning a people which has chosen liberty. You have refused us your protection, and we can do nothing about it. You leave, and my wish is that you and your country will find happiness under this sky. But, mark it well, that if I shall die here on the spot and in my country that I love, it is no matter, because we all are born and must die. I have only committed this mistake of believing in you [the Americans].

Please accept, Excellency and dear friend, my faithful and friendly sentiments.

S/Sirik Matak
Prince Sirik Matak and the officials that remained along with him, were executed by the Khmer Rouge on April 21, 1975, in Phnom Penh.

Cross Posted to The Daily Brief.

Day late, dollar short

Well, now.
One-on-one with former president Bill Clinton! He says he knows how to change the world. Now he'll tell you how. Watch Wednesday, 9 p.m. ET.
If he says anything like 'low monthly payments' or 'trust me' .. hold on to your wallet.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Clown Power

The best defense against humorless zealots
“White Power!” the Nazi’s shouted, “White Flour?” the clowns yelled back running in circles throwing flour in the air and raising separate letters which spelt “White Flour”.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s angrily shouted once more, “White flowers?” the clowns cheers and threw white flowers in the air and danced about merrily.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s tried once again in a doomed and somewhat funny attempt to clarify their message, “ohhhhhh!” the clowns yelled “Tight Shower!” and held a solar shower in the air and all tried to crowd under to get clean as per the Klan’s directions.
is making fun of them.