Tuesday, March 04, 2014

All One Might Need to Know About Being Outraged Over Ukraine v Russia

One the one hand one Geez-Louise Russians are acting bad, ami'right?  Can't we be all peaceful and stuff.

On the other hand, leaving out our own proclivity for leaping into other sovereign countries with jarheads and airborne troopers and Apaches a-blazing [Beirut, Grenada, Panama, Haiti, Iraq, Yemen, Libya], what business is it of the United States to wag their finger and say 'bad bad bad'.

On the gripping hand, extending guarantees to states surrounding nuclear-armed cultural paranoids .. I mean what can go wrong, ami'right?

Read, and heed;

"I want a man who is looking out from the true center of the universe which is the stone mound in the Kremlin known as the Lobnoye Mesto, the Place of the Skull. Lend me your eyes for a moment. Stand on the Lobnoye Mesto.  
"In the southern distances are the bottled inland seas coveted by Tsar Peter. To the northeast lie the bottled shores of the Baltic which the Russian spirit has been forced to conquer to break the exploitation of Russia by European navies. To the east is an ocean guarded by Japan and to the southeast lies the ancient Chinese enemy. There are rich and barrierless steppes to the west through which hostile armies can, and have, struck like lightning at every opportunity. To the north are the dread skies open to the swift hellfire and brimstone of American arrows.” 

 Excerpt From: “Donald Kingsbury - The Moon Goddess and the Son.”