Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Boomer, Unix and ignorance

I had a nice tidy blog post all ready to go.

It wasn't a masterpiece of snark or derision. It wasn't a world changing essay. It was geeky: I managed to talk about Boomer, Athena, Caprica Six and Solaris Zones.

Just a projection - it wasn't really there.

But, the heck with it. It's not nearly as good as something that has Grace Park and unix in the same post should be.

Solaris is a marketing term, but SunOS is clunky.

Instead, an article by a bint who gets all worked up that the nearly 10,000 Marines and sailors at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base have access to a beach, post exchange, a Wal-Mart and your standard gift shop selling t-shirts.

fear, mortal terror, etc.

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