Sunday, May 11, 2008

Containers on NFS

You can't mount a Solaris local zone (aka containers) on NFS. [1] You just can't and trying to do it ends in tears and heartache.

This isn't a problem but it sure 'nuff would be handier if you can have a zone available on a global resource (say a disk mounted with NFS). Moving a zone to a new host would be as easy as turning it off here and turning it on there.

This would be righteous and cool.

Seems that a Sun employee worked out a way to do this.

In short what we do is: We mount an NFS filesystem; Create a file; lofiadm this file; newfs this new lofi block device; mount the device on de zonepath location; Define a zone with the correct zonepath; Install and boot the zone.

It's involved and tricky and very non-supported but it oughta work. I will clear out a few hours next week and try it.

[1] 98% of the people reading this just redshifted.
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