Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Remote Desktop Protocol Bleg

I've got an RDP bleg.

RDP Client

I've got a Windows 2003 server. I've got a legacy application [1] that must be managed (start, run, shutdown) from the console.

The obvious solution - it's free - is to use Terminal services in admin mode, let the RDP client that comes with every windows desktop connect using the magic console [2] switch.

Except there is one little problem. Client A connects, starts doing his thing. Client B, hearing about a problem with the application, connects and knocks out Client A. No warning, it just happens.


Imagine trying to concentrate on a chess game while sitting in a bumper car, with a lot of testosterone-laden  teenagers driving around you. You're about to checkmate the other bloke and WHAM a kid with a sunburn and a bad hair cut slams into you. Your attention is shot to heck.

How do I keep this from happening? What we'd like to do is force an option that tells the server 'throw up a dialog before bumping' .. or something like that.

Yes, there are a butt-load of solutions (vmware, vnc) that will do that for us - but the preferred (cheap) method is RDP.

[1] I've got the legacy .. the legacy application blues ..

[2] /console
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