Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stand Tall

I kid my daughter - she's 15 - about things a girl can't do.

Girls can't do that. It's just not right.

She gets all irate and glares and stomps around. I probably should not do this but the fun is getting a rise out of her, then listening to her defend her position.

I don't want to do that but it doesn't mean I can't.

Damn straight, kiddo.

I know this guy - he's my age, pretty close - veteran of the Navy. He likes to wear kilts, which is something I admire greatly as a style choice while I'm pretty sure I'll never wear one myself.

He's in nursing school.

And it appears that some of the asstards who run the place get all weird at the idea of a man in a nursing program. He's got the goods on 'em; men in that program fail to complete the program far out of proportion ot their numbers. He's gotten a metric ass load of grief from some of the instructors, and it's gender-based.

You'd think that in this year of our lord 2008 when girls can be fire-fighters and fly attack planes and blow up bad guys in Iraq that the idea of a man being a nurse would not raise eyebrows.

You'd be wrong.

Well jam that noise. Some of the finest medical care I've ever had was from men, filling billets in the military that are identical to billets at the hospital and clinic filed by nurses in the civilian world.

Nothing says 'tender care' like a corpsman dragging a Marine out of the line of fire. Unless it's that same corpsman giving shots to a herd of orphans a week later.

Dude. Wear your nursing sweatshirt, your MacMedic kilt and shove that discrimination complaint down their fricking throats. Make them eat their gender-based krep and relish the day when they'll be forced to smile at you when you graduate with honors.
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