Monday, May 12, 2008

Nerd in Love

I made this for Pasty the other night.

While not as out and out nerdly as putting our names together (serial numbers 62748 and 62749) on a cd aboard the New Horizons spacecraft for our wedding anniversary in 2005, it was an interesting token for a birthday and Mother's Day weekend all combined.

Well she liked it, and that's all that counts.

Whoosh - off to the Kuiper Belt!

Tinydb seems interesting as well. MySQL was a stripped down sort-of relational database for applications where the overhead (and cost) of Oracle is unsuitable. The came sqlite for those times when MySQL consumes too much overhead. Now .. we don't need a stiinkin' database for data [1] if the data is sufficiently small. - store some tiny data in a tiny url.

[1] Clearly this is the 30,000 foot view of the process.
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