Thursday, May 01, 2008

George Bush and the supermarket checkout lane

If I point to this post from last year, will it stop the annoying 'Bush 41 was surprised at a standard checkout lane, what a snob' comments that are popping up like ugly mushrooms all over the internets? [1]

( Because it is a myth, perpetuated by the a reporter from the New York Times. I know, I was shocked as well. A journalist, making stuff up - imagine! It's like finding out that Bat Boy was made up by the fun loving guys at the Weekly World News: If you can't trust a journalist, who can you trust? )

No, it won't do any good.

But it will make me feel better for having done so. And making myself feel good is what it's all about.

[1] All because a 60-year old lady, one who has had people waiting on her for the last twenty years, didn't know how to work a one-button drink dispenser. Gads.
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